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[TXT]MPL-1.1.txt2008-02-27 16:35 25K 
[TXT]faq.html2009-01-01 16:10 18K 
[TXT]gpl-2.0.txt2007-06-29 04:04 18K 
[TXT]lgpl-2.1.txt2009-04-09 00:39 26K 
[TXT]mozilla-nss.SlackBuild2023-01-07 03:36 5.9K 
[   ]nspr-4.35.tar.lz2022-09-12 20:54 703K 
[   ]nss-3.87.tar.lz2023-01-06 02:00 36M 
[   ]nss-config.in2012-04-30 05:05 2.4K 
[TXT]slack-desc2018-02-27 14:12 1.0K 

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